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The social mission is something that we are asked to embrace as followers of Jesus Christ. The social mission has two feet both of which are necessary for moving forward to be in relationship with God’s people and thus with God. One foot of Charity responds to the immediate need that people experience, people in situations that do not allow them to live with the dignity that God has given each of us. A second foot of Justice asks the question WHY? and responds with action for social change. Why are people suffering or living in poverty? What can we do to change the situation? How can we, the community of faith, be co-creators with God for the fullness of life? With this thought and questions in mind Suchetna, Social Service Centre of the Catholic Diocese of Bareilly is engaged in Jesus’ Misionin the Diocese comprising three Districts of U.P. and six districts of Uttarakhand.

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Secretary Cum Director of BDSSC
Fr. Peter


Fr. Peter Malithara

President of BDSSC
Fr. Pius


Fr. Pius Menezes

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Bareilly Diocesan Social Service Centre (SUCHETNA) coordinates the work in 3 districts of the state of Uttar Pradesh and 6 districts of the state of Uttarakhand covering a total area of 32,860 sq.kms.

The total population of this area is around 10 million people. Bishop Ignatius D’ Souza, the President of the society, is a source of inspiration for the entire staff of Suchetna to carry out the developmental work. Fr. Peter Malithara, gives timely guidance to all the staff to continue the mission entrusted. The diocesan Social Service Centre covers 720 villages, in all the nine districts with 39 field centres under 383 Blocks, 06 Nagar Palikas and 288 village panchayat...


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Many drops out Adolescent girls are provided with skill trainings...

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Gender / equality

Out of 23 boys participated in the training 18 boys decided to respect girls and women...

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During group work the animator taught the group about physical hygiene, cleanliness of surrounding...

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The adolescent girls and women are given information on Fundamental Rights...

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To motivate youth to change their attitude and prejudices towards girls and women.

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Kitchen / Garden

Kishoris intake fresh vegetables from their home kitchen garden. They are improving their health...

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